IFBT's profile

  • Experimental testing and engineering appraisal of façade and fixing systems and their individual components.
  • Certification and monitoring of products in accordance with lists of specified criteria for buildings and approval.
  • Special diagnosis to assess damage to façades and fixing systems.

Areas of business

Fixing systems

IFBT's testing activities in the field of fixing systems address anchoring elements made out of mineral building materials. These items range from mounting systems embedded in concrete and retrofitted systems (metal and plastic dowels) to the fixing of external thermal insulation composite systems.

Experimental tests and engineering assessments are carried out irrespective of the legal area involved, including for building inspectorates and professional associations. In addition, IFBT is a market-orientated, fast-working contractor assisting companies in the construction industry in the development and testing of new products and their application in unusually demanding circumstances.

IFBT has on its premises all the equipment needed to test fixing systems in accordance with the Guidelines for European Technical Approval for dowels. Moreover, highly scientific tests can also be carried out on building sites using the latest mobile testing systems. When special anchoring systems are involved, efficient experimental programmes are developed and carried out by working closely with the clients and relevant approval authorities (e.g. the EBA German Railway Authority and BAST German Highway Research Institute).

External thermal insulation composite systems

  1. Testing of complete systems and their individual components for the award of general constructional authorisation:
    • With thermal insulation attached using adhesive or a combination of adhesive and dowels
    • With rail fixing or purely mechanical fixing
    • With new types of thermal insulating materials, e.g. soft fibreboard on a wooden base structure or a solid base
  2. Survey, documentation and assessment of damage to external thermal insulation composite systems in connection with legal investigations, insurance claims, etc:
    • Determining the adhesive tensile strength of a thermal insulation composite system on an external wall
    • Opening façade areas to determine the area to which adhesive has been applied and to assess adhesive technology
    • Determining the thickness of plaster
  3. Determining the adhesive tensile strength on external wall façades
    • between the adhesive mortar and the base to verify the area
    • between the mortar undercoat and final rendering suitable for adhesive - and hence conclude the adhesive bonding required
  4. Monitoring and certification in connection with general constructional authorisation and European technical approval

Rear-ventilated curtain façade systems

Complex assistance regarding rear-ventilated curtain façade systems includes in particular:

  • Anchor base, base structure, thermal insulation
  • Anchorage, structural connection, fixing, related items and cladding

Assessment is carried out in accordance with DIN 18516, technical building standards, general constructional authorisation, and recommendations from the DIBt German Institute of Structural Engineering. Structures' stability and fitness for purpose are calculated and investigated experimentally as follows:

  1. Experimental testing and engineering appraisal of individual façade elements taking into account the interfaces throughout the system
  2. Determining the parameters of the entire system, taking into consideration effects on supporting strength caused by factors such as wind, snow and ice, poor installation, temperature and moisture
  3. Expert evaluation in individual cases prior to approval
  4. Quality assurance during the construction process
  5. Testing, monitoring and certification centre in connection with external supervision

Even highly complex projects can be carried out quickly and competently thanks to close cooperation with specialist laboratories.

Processing of application-oriented research subjects in collaboration
Approval testing for closed façade systemsApproval testing for closed façade systems
Dynamic investigations of fixing elementsDynamic investigations of fixing elements
Testing of anchor elements for precast building elements of aerated concreteTesting of anchor elements for precast building elements of aerated concrete