Activities at IFBT revolve around the experimental testing and engineering appraisal of façade and fixing systems and their individual components in connection with constructional authorisation and individual approval. The Institute of Façade and Fixing Engineering also deals in the certification and monitoring of products in accordance with lists of specified criteria for buildings and approval for fixing systems such as anchor rails and dowel joints. It also specialises in rear-ventilated curtain façade systems and external thermal insulation composite systems.

Expertly carrying out assignments using a scientifically based practical approach, IFBT also prides itself on conducting projects quickly and efficiently. Its corporate philosophy comprises achieving the goals specified for each project, neutrality, discretion and commitment to timely project completion.

Rear-ventilated curtain façade systemsRear-ventilated curtain façade systems
Fixing systemsFixing systems
External thermal insulation composite systemsExternal thermal insulation composite systems